«Aurora Maritime», Ltd

Работа для моряков

«Aurora Maritime», Ltd

Aurora Maritime Ltd. / ООО Аврора Маритайм

Татарский пер. д. 4, вход с Мытнинского пер.

Ст. метро Горьковская и Спортивная

Tel: +7 812 2326811

Tel/Fax: +7 812 4988760

4 Tatarsky st., St. Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: crew@auroramaritime.com


Aurora Maritime is a crew manning Company located at St. Petersburg. We recruit Russian seafarers for merchant marine vessels of different types (Dry Cargo, Bulk Carrier, Ro-Ro, Lo-Ro, Tankers, Container, Reefers etc.).

To meet the requirements of the Principals, Aurora Maritime supplies qualified and competent ship staff and puts great attention on screening and selection of seafarers. At present there are more than 2000 Officers / Engineers / Ratings in our database.

Our Officers and Engineers were educated in State Maritime Academies (Higher Marine State Colleges) of ex-USSR and certified in accordance of STCW-78/95.

Aurora Maritime Ltd. / ООО Аврора Маритайм

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