MANSHIP Saint-Petersburg LLS

Работа для моряков

MANSHIP Saint-Petersburg LLS

Санкт-Петербург 41 Rizhskiy ave. Office 211, Building G Tel. (+7) 812 644 4382 Fax. (+7) 812 644 4385

Looking for a Maritime Career at sea ? Are you up for it?

Do you have…

An absolute desire to go to sea, i.e. a real interest in ships and / or in engineering
A willingness to obey orders
A strong sense of responsibility Initiative
Good teamplayer
Absolute integrity
Reliability — ability to work without supervision
Willingness to be away from home for longer periods of time
… If so, a dynamic and exciting career at sea could be for you!!
Seafarers who are interested to apply for a position onboard a Manship managed vessel, are kindly requested to contact your local Manship office, who will provide full assistance to all applicants.

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