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OSV Offshore Supply Vessel


PACV Patrol, Air Cushion Vehicle
PB Patrol Boat
PBR River Patrol Boat (Patrol Boat, River)
PC Patrol Craft
PCE Patrol Craft, Escort
PCER Patrol Craft Escort, Rescue
PCF Patrol Craft Fast
PCG Patrol Craft, Guided Missile
PCH Patrol Craft, Hydrofoil
PCM Patrol Craft, Missile
PCS Patrol Craft, anti-Submarine
PF Patrol Frigate
PG Patrol Gunboat
PGG Guided-missile Gunboat (Patrol, Gunboat, Guided-missile)
PGH Patrol Gunboat, Hydrofoil
PHM Patrol Hydrofoil Missile
PR River Gunboat (Patrol, River)
PSV Platform Supply Vessel
PT Torpedo Boat (Patrol, Torpedo)
PTF Fast Torpedo Boat (Patrol, Torpedo, Fast)
PTGB Torpedo GunBoat (Patrol, Torpedo, GunBoat)


RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
RIBL Rigid Inflatable Boat, Light
RIBM Rigid Inflatable Boat, Medium
RIBS Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat, Small
RMS Royal Mail Steamship
RPL Ramped Powered Lighter


S Schnellboot
S/M SubMarine
SB Small Boat
SC Submarine Chaser
SD Submarine Dutch
SES Surface Effect Ship
SFS Surface-Effect Fast Sealift Ship
SGB Steam GunBoat
SOB Single Outboard Boat
SOTL Ship Of The Line
SP Shore Patrol vessel
SS team Ship
SS Fleet Submarine (Submarine type, Submarine sub-type)
SSB Ballistic Missile Submarine, Conventional Powered
SSBN Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine (Submarine, Submarine, Ballistic, Nuclear)
SSG Guided Missile Submarine, Conventional Powered
SSGN Guided Missile Submarine, Nuclear Powered
SSK Hunter- Killer Submarine
SSN Submarine Submarine Nuclear ( Nuclear powered attack Submarine)
SSP Submarine Submarine Personnel ( Submarine Transport)
SSS Strategic Sealift Ship
SST Training Submarine
SSV Aircraft Carrying Submarine (Submarine Submarine, heaVier than air aircraft)
SSX Next Generation Submarine
SV Sailing Vessel
SWATH Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull


T-ACS Auxiliary Crane Ship, Military Sealift Command manned
TB Torpedo Boat
TCD Transport de Chaland de Debarquement
TS Training Ship
TVB Torpedo Volg Boot (Torpedo following boat)


ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier
USAT United States Army Transport
USCGD United States Coast Guard Destroyer
USLT United States Lighthouse Tender
USNT United States Naval Transport
USS United States Ship


VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier
VPB Vietnamese Patrol Boat


WAGC Coast Guard Amphibious Command Ship
WDE United States Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
WIX Coast Guard, Unclassified Miscellaneous ship type
WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender
WLB-401 Sassafras class Coast Guard Cutter Buoy Tender
WLBB Lake IceBreaker, Coast Guard (Coast Guard, Large Buoy Breaker)
WLBR Seagoing Buoy Tender Replacement Vessel
WLI Inland Buoy Tender
WLIC Inland Construction Buoy Tender
WLM Coastal Buoy Tender
WLMR Coastal Buoy Tender Replacement Vessel
WLR River Buoy Tender
WPG Coast Guard Patrol Gunboat
WSES Coast Guard Surface Effect Ship


YB Boom vessel (Yardcraft, Boom)
YC Open Car Lighter (Yardcraft, Car lighter)
YCF Car Float (Yardcraft, Car Float)
YCU Yard Craft, Utility
YD Floating Crane (Yardcraft, Derrick)
YDG Garbage Scow (Yardcraft, Disposal, Garbage)
YDT Diving Tender (Yardcraft, Diving Tender)
YF Yardcraft, Ferryboat (Self-Propelled)
YFD Yardcraft, Floating Drydock
YFN Yardcraft, Covered Lighter (Non-Self Propelled)
YFNX Yardcraft, Lighter (Special-Purpose)
YFR Yardcraft, Refrigerated Covered Lighter ( Self-Propelled)
YFRN Yardcraft, Refrigerated Covered Lighter ( Non-Self-Propelled)
YG Yardcraft, Garbage Lighter (Self-Propelled)

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