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Работа для моряков

ООО «Судоходная компания «Тритон»

6 «M», Liflyandskaya Str., Office 12,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 190020.

Tel +7(812)703-40-45

Tel/Fax +7(812)703-40-47


We presently have over 300 Russian seafarers under contract and about 2,500 seafarers in our date base.
We operate as a ‘Total Crew Management’ company.
Our crew management package is designed to relieve the owner of any workload connected with the manning of vessels. MGK-Transport Ltd. will perform the following services:
crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew;
payment of wages and leave with overtime, service bonuses, etc. of officers and rating;
medical examinations and fitness certificates;
implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies;
crew P&I insurance as well as handling of respective claims;
proper qualification and certification of crew;
supply of working gear for crew;
insurance of crew effects;
ship’s cash insurance.

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